Preventative Maintenance

We understand that your patients rely on your ultrapure water systems to work, and we want you to rely on us to keep them functioning. With this knowledge, we offer both regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency response services. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for businesses within two hours of Louisville to provide you with immediate service should the need arise.

To ensure that we are able to adequately meet your needs, we are manufacturer-certified in most systems used in dialysis in America. We also offer a carbon rebed and carbon exchange schedule to prevent costly service interruptions.

Here is a full slate of the maintenance services we provide:

  • We offer scheduled maintenance.
  • We have DI services available.
  • We offer scheduled maintenance services on dialysis machines.
  • We offer culture collection/disinfection services.
  • We offer ancillary equipment preventative maintenance.