Ultrapure Water

Life-Sustaining Water, Purified to the Highest Standards

It’s in the name: Ultrapure water is water that has been purified to the most stringent scientific standards so that it is free of contaminants that will interfere with your operations or the health and safety of your patients. Our ultrapure water systems comply with FDA, ISO, Heath Canada, and IEC/UL standards. 

With our decades worth of experience in the dialysis industry, we understand the life-sustaining importance of truly pure ultrapure water. Due to the breadth of our expertise, we are versed in a variety of systems, including both hot or cold water and single or dual patient ROs. We also work with the best manufacturers in the ultrapure water industry, ​providing reverse osmosis from 1 gallon a minute to 100 gallons a minute. We are proud to offer cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.

We will be with you every step of the way as we install and manage your high-quality ultrapure water systems. Our services include:

  • Single or dual patient ROs.
  • Hot or cold systems.
  • Central sterile processing equipment and upgrades.
  • Complete systems or specific upgrades.
  • Ultrapure water loop installation and repair.
  • Emergency service and scheduled maintenance available.
  • GSA schedule listed.
  • Sand filter installation.
  • Bi Carb mixer installation and repair.
  • Acid mixer installation and repair.
  • Complete pretreatment installation and repair.