NephroSeva has managed dozens of dialysis projects from out of the ground builds to water system upgrades.

We offer Emergency Water system Service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week within 2 hours of Louisville.

We work with the best manufacturers in ultrapure water. Providing reverse osmosis systems from 1 to 100 gallons per minute

About NephroSeva

Blending Compassion and Experience

Nephro – Of a kidney; relating to the kidneys
Seva – The act of selfless service, to behave with compassion and care for others.

Our name perfectly describes our ethos. We are dedicated to an industry we have served for a combined total of 30 years. With our compounded experience, we are uniquely qualified to offer real world solutions to a complex, often overwhelmed, and underserved industry that hundreds of thousands of people rely on each year for life-sustaining care. We will represent your interests with integrity and ensure the best outcomes for your patients.

Here at NephroSeva, we pride ourselves on the high-quality products and services that we provide to our customers. What separates us from the competition is the effort we give, the depth of knowledge we have from three decades of combined experience, and the compassion with which we deliver our services. Through our research and experience, we have vetted every provider and continue to work with the best in the industry to bring you cutting-edge technology, safety, reliability, and proven performance to ensure a safe, uninterrupted workflow. We offer a broad portfolio of high-quality water purification products meeting FDA, ISO, Heath Canada, and IEC/UL standards.

We Make Your Dreams a Reality

Our Services

With our nearly 30 years of ultrapure water and dialysis experience, we are extremely well versed with how a properly functioning dialysis facility technical program should operate.

Project Management

We’ve managed dozens of dialysis projects from out of the ground builds to water system upgrades.

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Ultrapure Water

We are proud to offer cutting edge technology at reasonable prices.

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Independent Audit

We work with your staff and oversight to make sure everything is as it should be.

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Preventative Maintenance

We are manufacturer certified in most systems used in dialysis in America.

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NephroSeva’s roots began in consultation and it remains one of our most engaging services.

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Forensic Analysis

We provide an in-depth review of preventative maintenance, life safety, and functionality of equipment.

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