Expert Guidance At All Stages

With the technical aspect of dialysis, there is a large component to clinic operations that expands past direct patient care. These are the behind-the-scenes processes and procedures that can often be overlooked and difficult to address for the clinical team. This is where NephroSeva excels to alleviate your worries. 

With ​decades of ultrapure water and dialysis experience, we are extremely well versed with how a properly functioning dialysis facility technical program should operate. We have the ​expertise to come into an ​existing operational facility and verify all technical processes are within CMS requirements. From physical plant to technical operations, to workflow management, NephroSeva’s comprehensive knowledge allows us to work with your clinical management and technical team to ensure your clinic runs effectively and efficiently, maximizing your total cost savings. We will conduct log audits, observe and improve water treatment procedures, physical plant audit,  and more in your dialysis clinic. 

If you’re a nephrologist who has decided to open your own practice, we have the resources to make that dream a reality. NephroSeva excels in new facility design dedicated to workflow, cost saving solutions, sales, and installation of equipment specifically tailored for your space and needs. We can help you maximize your clinical space, lower your operating costs, and work with vendors to ​design the clinic to your specifications. We can provide you with the guidance to make your clinic excel.

Call NephroSeva at 502-966-7535 today to set up your appointment and maximize the operations of your dialysis facility.